Barranco de Santos is a dry riverbed going straight through the urban centre of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It was dry at the time I took the picture, but you might have guessed that it is prone to flash flooding due to the hefty width of its channel. While the riverbed is usually dry, the hydrology and the geology of the area makes it susceptible to flash floods. Back in 2010. at the time of severe weather folowed by flash floods and land slides, Barranco de Santos was full to the brim. Tenerife might be the island of eternal spring, but it is still surrounded by an ocean: if you happen to visit it on a stormy day, you’d be in for a very interesting experience – unless you’re hiking somewhere in the open; I mean, you’ll likely survive that, and that, too, will be a lifetime experience. If you happen to avoid flash floods, land slides, rocks falling off of cliffs and sea waves that lick the roofs of the houses.

Jokes aside, it is always dangerous to brave the severe weather anywhere: listen to the local forecast and avoid travel in severe weather conditions. Let the Barranco de Santos riverbed stay dry and the sky sunny while you’re enjoying the island. 🙂

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