Now, I might have gotten my references mixed up, but this one should be a statue erected at the time of Franco’s regime. 

Francisco Franco was a dictator who ruled Spain for four decades and saw a victory in the Spanish Civil War of 1936. (in no small part thanks to the aid from Hitler, who used the war to train his Luftwaffe pilots, and Mussolini who, well, wanted some glory)

The civil war being a bloody affair, it is no wonder that nations don’t like to talk about it. Therefore, we will skip that story, the only point here is that it was from Tenerife that Franco planned his coup. 

There’s a general disagreement on what to do with pieces of art originating in that time (there’s a law passed in 2007. condemning the regime, and art historians are somewhat divided on what to do with the works of art); I’m no art historian or art expert, I’m not a Spaniard and can’t say a thing about all of this, yet I somehow feel that art, no matter the context, should be preserved – not for the politics, but for the history. 

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