I’m changing my travel posts: instead of doling out one photo at the time as it was effective on G+ (and led me to over 39.000 followers at the peak of my popularity there – sadly, I never reached 40K), I will group several photos in one post. I’ll try to keep the posts relatively short, yet still interesting and informative. Since I am known for my prolific writing (“over the top”, “really going into details”, and “please, make it stop!”), I think a few photos per post should be the good measure.

Today, we learn that on Tenerife, there live some nice people who care about the nature so much, they crochet the tree trunks to save them from cold and make them feel happy.

I guess that they’re old ladies or something like that – though, in this time of political correctness I should think they’re all nice gender-irrelevant, age-non-discriminated, education-appropriate and politically-whatever_they_want_to_be people of religion they might or might not have, liking pets they do or do not own, and with the help of their own descendants who might or might not have been in existence at the time the crochet was made.

Allow me to digress: Erwin Schrödinger would be deligthed if he could live and teach in our days.


The truth is, it was all about the art project “Urban knitting”, where artists and other nice people took upon crocheting colorful t-shirts (does it stand for “trunk shirt”?) for 41 trees that live among humans in the urban areas of the nature.

At the time we went there, the art initiative was nearing completion. The interesting thing, just like the market mentioned in my previous post, is that it was the community who took upon itself everything from organisation to funding, and the city was all too happy to give a helping hand and a little nudge here and there.

I like how they made those trees feel loved, and the urban areas more vivid and happier as a side-effect, how about you?

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