Since Google announced eventual shutting down of G+ where I’ve spent years with my travel blog, I’ve exiled myself to this place. I am going to post in parallel to both G+ and this travel blog for as long as the service exists (should be a couple more weeks, I guess). I do hope that some of my >38.000 followers on G+ will bookmark this site and continue enjoying the photos. 

For those who are new, I will post both simple photos without a comment and those with elaborate if not lengthy descriptions, fun facts or some trivia related to the picture. 

I will try to keep my good tradition of making people vote for the next destination; I find it interesting and my readers like it, too. Yet, to start the transition I am not offering any choice but the small collection of pics from Tenerife, a series that has been waiting in queue for quite some time. 

For those who did not follow my G+ posts, I will collect and re-post all of them here eventually. 

Also, I am thinking about trying out Patreon in a sensible way: some of my future posts might be visible to my patrons first, but I do promise that all travel content will be available to non-patrons after some time delay. 

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